Not A Tree-Hugger? Read On… And Happy New Year!

July 31, 2014
Office of Environmental Sustainability staff

So your brother/aunt/neighbor/friend walks to the supermarket in their hemp shoes with their reusable bags and buys only organic groceries, and then recycles the majority of the packaging.  Maybe you would like to be more like them but find the idea of incorporating environmentally friendly habits in to your lifestyle a little overwhelming?

Here’s your chance… it’s a New Year!!!  First and foremost, I think the biggest key to success in any effort is the famous Chinese Proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Here are three easy suggestions to start your year and get you on your way. Once you get a taste for how easy it is to make a positive impact on your world, you can continue by seeking out additional recommendations at  You’ll discover that it is easier (and more rewarding) than you think!

Step One – Reduce Back Strain Next Holiday Season

Prepare yourself for next December – register now to take your name off of mailing lists  Your mailbox will thank you.

Step Two – Get Rid of Your Dead (or Artificial!) Tree

The Merry Mulch Program has been a staple in Howard County for years.  For details on how to have your tree mulched, or your artificial tree recycled,

Step Three – Stop Leaving Your Car Running

I will allow our Car Talk friends to elaborate on this one:

“With modern cars, all you’re doing with a long warm-up is wasting gas, increasing pollution, raising the temperature of the planet and making yourself 10 minutes late for your chiropractic appointment. The proper procedure is to start the car. If it starts and keeps running, put it in Drive and go. Go gently (don’t back out of your driveway and floor it right onto a highway entrance ramp), because you’ll be warming it up during your first few minutes of driving, but DO drive it.”

There are countless ways to make minor adjustments to your daily routine that will ease your impact on the earth.  Please consider these steps as a way to get started!