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Howard County sponsors many outreach initiatives that promote stormwater management:

Easy, Affordable Awareness Projects
Looking for some easy, low-cost ways to become part of the solution? Use the Water Reporter, free stream monitoring app, to help us keep track of Howard County’s streams’ health. Want a hands-on project? Try painting some storm drains to remind our community that only rain—not trash or leftover household supplies--belongs in our storm drains. Over 240 drains have been painted in our community!

Youth Programs
READY (Restoring the Environment and Developing Youth) summer jobs youth conservation corps builds rain gardens, plants trees, and manages impervious area. Learn more and watch an amazing short video about their work.

Rain Garden Assistance
If you need help with rain garden maintenance, check out materials from an event we held in partnership with the Office on Aging and the University of Maryland Extension, or utilize our maintenance guides.

Rain Barrel Distribution
Free, pre-drilled barrels (to be made into rain barrels) are distributed to residents at demonstrations and the annual GreenFest. Residents can purchase rain barrel parts at a reduced price at a local hardware store, in partnership with the County.

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Water Quality
Check out this blog to find simple ways to become part of the water pollution solution!