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Watershed Protection Fee

The Watershed Protection Fee aims to improve the water quality of streams in your backyard, other local waterways, and the Chesapeake Bay, by funding projects that treat Howard County stormwater runoff. All property owners are charged a fee based on the size of their property or the amount of impervious area on their property that allows untreated stormwater to run off to the nearest stream.

The Watershed Protection Fee will be included on the real property tax bills which will be issued July 1 of each year and is only billed once per year.  

Quick Links:

- View the impervious area being billed on your property - click here.

- If you believe you were billed in error (note County law only allows adjustments for 3 specific reasons) please complete the Adjustment Request Form here.

- Reduce your property’s fee with a fee credit and help improve the quality of local waterways by adopting stormwater management practices. Learn more here.