Septic Savers

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What is it?

Septic Savers is a Howard County program that aims to promote proper septic maintenance. We offer a $100 reimbursement to residents who pump their septic tanks every 3-5 years. The Howard County Health Department recommends having your tank pumped every 3 years. Apply for your reimbursement by clicking "I Agree" below and entering your address.

We have limited funds available and reimbursements are offered on a first come, first served basis. You may only apply if you have already pumped your tank with a licensed hauler.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the hauler is licensed in Howard County (shown on the licensed hauler list) PRIOR to having your tank pumped.

You are only eligible to apply once every three years (from the date of the pump that was last reimbursed).  We do not recommend or endorse any of the haulers on this list; however, these are the ONLY companies legally able to haul waste in Howard County. Please do research to determine if a hauler and their methods are for you and be sure they are on our licensed hauler list. If you have difficulty completing the online application or would like to have an application mailed to you, please email


  • You must have your tank pumped by a hauler that is legally able to haul waste in Howard County (there is a complete list on the application and (linked here).
  • Submit proof in the form of an invoice attached to the application within one year of the pump date
  • You must be a residential or agricultural1 property owner
  • You must have pumped no earlier than February 6, 20172. This was the start date of the program. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funding to reimburse for pumps that occurred before this date.
  • You are only eligible for reimbursement once every three years (no sooner than 3 years after the date of the last pump that received reimbursement through this program).

THIS IS THE APPLICATION: Click "I agree" to begin

Why do we have this program?

  • There are a lot of things competing for your time and pocketbook. Pumping your tank regularly can fall behind other household expenses and needs, so we are trying to help you make it more of a priority. Pumping your tank on time and following other maintenance guidelines can save you thousands of dollars, as it will help you avoid costly septic failure.
  • The environment needs it. Failed septic systems, resulting from a lack of pumping or other maintenance problems, can contaminate our local surface water (think streams and rivers) or even ground water (which could contaminate your well) with undesirable pollutants. Help us make sure that this doesn't happen by pumping!
  • Howard County has a federal mandate to improve water quality. Septic pumping is by far the most affordable way to meet our MS4 permit requirements. Help the County use your Watershed Protection Fee money wisely by participating in this program! Your Watershed Protection Fee funds Septic Savers and many other programs; check them out here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Learn More About Your Septic System

Explore these informational pages and videos created by Clean Water Fund, utilizing funding provided through the Howard County Outreach and Restoration Grant Program.

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1-With a Soil Conservation and Water Quality Plan or eligible conservation plan

2-The date spending for this program was approved by the Howard County Council