Residential Properties

As a Howard County resident, you can make a big impact on reducing stormwater pollution by increasing the amount of surfaces on your property that absorb stormwater runoff. In addition to protecting the environment by reducing runoff, you'll also have the opportunity to reduce your Watershed Protection Fee and/or be reimbursed for your projects. 

We have three residential programs that you can participate in, which are all funded by the Watershed Protection Fee.


**Homes must be built before 2003 to be eligible for the program** This follows a distinct timeline. See CleanScapes page for details.

There are eight different Best Management Practices that can be installed on your property to address stormwater concerns. Homeowners will follow the program timeline, including submitting an application for an opportunity to reduce their Watershed Protection Fee and/or be reimbursed for projects. Anyone can participate in this program.  

Septic Savers:

The County provides a financial incentive for homeowners to pump their septic systems every 3 years. You will need your invoice showing your system was pumped by a Howard County licensed hauler for a $100 rebate, while funds are available.