Reimbursements and Credits

Nonresidential and Commercial Properties are eligible for reimbursements and credits on their properties if they implement new or update existing stormwater treatment practices on site per the guidelines below.

For non-residential and commercial prop­erty own­ers who improve the on-site man­age­ment of stormwa­ter by installing some form of runoff con­trol prac­tice or reduce the amount of impervious surface, the County estab­lished a project reim­burse­ment fund that will help off­set the one-time cost of instal­la­tion. CLICK HERE for details of the Non-residential Reim­burse­ment Program and NEW UPDATED 2020 RATES.

If you are inter­ested in the Non-residential/Commercial Reim­burse­ment Pro­gram, please con­tact us at prior to starting your project.

All non-residential/commercial prop­er­ties are eli­gi­ble to receive a credit based on the percentage of the fee equivalent to the percentage of impervious surface area treated on site with a stormwater facility/BMP up to 100% (restrictions apply - see below and CR78-2019). All credit applications are due by April 1 to be applied to that year's billing cycle.  All credit applicants must provide the calculation for the percentage of impervious surface area treated on site with engineer approval.  Please complete the appropriate credit application below:

  • Prop­er­ties devel­oped under a Site Devel­op­ment Plan (SDP) dated AFTER Jan­u­ary 1, 2003 are eligible for up to a 50% credit. APPLY HERE.
  • Prop­er­ties devel­oped under a SDP dated BEFORE Jan­u­ary 1, 2003 are eli­gi­ble for a credit for the impervious area being treated to current standards, above what was required at the time of development. All prac­tices request­ing credit must meet 2000 MDE Stormwa­ter Design Man­ual stan­dards and are eligible for up to 100% credit. APPLY HERE.
  • A 100% credit may be applied to the fee:
    • for a property that is found to enjoy no benefit from the County's Stormwater Management, Storm Drainage, and Water Quality Program       OR
    • if the property owner partners with the County to install updated stormwater treatment that provides enhanced water quality above what currently exists or is required on the property.

Properties previously awarded credit must be recertified every 3 years using this form: