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Non-Residential / Commercial Credit Application-SDP PRIOR TO 2003

Applicant Information
Mailing Address
Property Information
The SDP can be found by entering the address into the Impervious Surface Estimation Tool as File Number:
Property Address
Include the SDP page number showing the calculations for stormwater management and explain the final percentage treated onsite here or include a note that engineer certified calculations will be submitted via mail. Applications will not be reviewed until engineer certified calculations are received. All practices requesting credit must meet MDE 2000 Design Manual Standards.
Provide a detailed description of the practice(s) to include size, depth, etc. as appropriate; the size of the impervious area managed by the practice(s); and a certification by a Landscape Architect or Professional Engineer certifying the practice(s) is presently functioning as designed and the details provided about the practice are accurate. Load information below or mail to: Office of Community Sustainability, ATTN: Commercial Watershed Credit, 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043.
I certify that the Best Man­age­ment Prac­tices on this site meet current stormwater management standards as defined by the 2000 MDE Stormwater Design Manual and are present and func­tion­ing as designed. I under­stand that prior to approval of the credit, the Prop­erty may be sub­ject to an inspec­tion. I under­stand this appli­ca­tion does not guar­an­tee a credit and that the approved cred­its may be revoked at any time if Howard County deter­mines the infor­ma­tion pro­vided to be inac­cu­rate. I hereby grant per­mis­sion to the County, its autho­rized agents and employ­ees, to enter the Prop­erty upon pro­vid­ing 48 hours writ­ten notice and, in any case, at rea­son­able times and with­out unrea­son­able dis­rup­tion to inspect the Prop­erty to ensure that the pro­vided infor­ma­tion accu­rately rep­re­sents the cur­rent stormwa­ter man­age­ment con­di­tions.