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Non-Residential / Commercial Credit Form-SDP POST 2003

Applicant Information
Mailing Address
Property Information
The SDP can be found by entering the address into the Impervious Surface Estimation Tool as File Number:
(Include the SDP page number showing the calculations for stormwater management and explain the final percentage treated onsite here or include a note that engineer certified calculations will be submitted via mail. Applications will not be reviewed until engineer certified calculations are received.)
Property Address
I certify that the Best Management Practices on this site as part of the SDP listed above are present and functioning as designed. I under­stand that prior to approval of the credit, the Prop­erty may be sub­ject to an inspec­tion. I under­stand this appli­ca­tion does not guar­an­tee a credit and that the approved credits may be revoked at any time if Howard County determines the information provided to be inaccurate. I hereby grant permission to the County, its authorized agents and employees, to enter the Property upon providing 48 hours written notice and, in any case, at reasonable times and without unreasonable disruption to inspect the Property to ensure that the provided information accurately represents the current stormwater management conditions.