7 Things I Can Do To Improve Water Quality


Check out this article to learn about simple ways that you can help protect our local water!


1. Slow The Flow-Redirect rain-spouts away from hard surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks) and onto grassy areas whenever possible. This reduces the amount of runoff from roof tops from entering the storm drain system and helps the water to slowly sink into the ground. Install a CleanScape to stop runoff in its tracks before it can harm local water!

2. Stash The Trash-Trash discarded on parking areas, beside roads and other open areas is washed into local streams. Pick up and properly dispose of trash whenever possible.

3. Refrain From The Drain-Storm drains are for water only. Never use them to dispose of pet waste, grass clippings, motor oils, or trash.

4. Scoop The Poop-Pet waste washed into local streams increases bacteria, nitrogen, and phosphorous levels. Pick up pet waste with a plastic bag and dispose of it along with your household trash.

5. Enable The Label-Always follw the instruction label on fertilizers and other outdoor products. Over-fertilization does not help your plants and increases nitrogen and phosphorous levels in local streams.

6. Quash The Wash-Use a commercial car wash whenever possible. If you must wash your car at home, try to park it on a grassy area or use phosphate-free car detergents.

7. Landfill The Pill-Dispose of your medications in the household trash--do not flush them down the toilet. Our wastewater treatment plants cannot remove the chemicals from medications.


Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy


If you are interested in becoming part of the solution to water pollution, join the Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy at one of their information sessions.


Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy