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Storm Drain Stenciling Application

Complete the form below to request approval of your storm drain stenciling project.This form will be sent to the Department of Highways, who will check the suitability of the proposed locations. If the drains that you would like to stencil are part of a Home Owners' Association (HOA), you must attach a letter of approval from the HOA (see bottom of form).

Applicant or contact first name
Applicant last name
If you are stenciling as part of an organization (e.g. girl scouts, religious organization, school group, etc.) please include the name of the organization here.
Please include location by street block or intersection
When do you plan to start your project?
When do you plan to complete the stenciling project?
Please tell us the number of stencils that you would like to borrow for your project. Note that during high-use times, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
Please tell us the number of drains (approx is fine) you intend to stencil under this application.
Email for group contact person
Phone number of contact person in your group
Street address for group contact person
Contact city and state of residence
Zip code of group contact person
Please include if you plan to stencil in an area with a Homeowners' Association.
If you would like to stencil multiple locations, please upload the locations, including the nearest property addresses, in a separate document.
If you are applying to stencil on a school campus, please include an approval letter or note from the Principal.