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What Is Your Role?

Stormwater is an issue that affects all of us—and we all play an important role. Howard County is committed to reducing stormwater runoff, and we need your help. You can help improve the quality of your community waterways by adopting stormwater management practices that help stormwater absorb into the ground, reuse it, or control it.

  • Residential

    The majority of Howard County land is privately owned, so you can make a big impact on stormwater pollution! Reduce stormwater runoff by incorporating pervious surfaces into your home and yard. Want to improve your landscape? Install a rain garden and add rain barrels to capture and reuse rainwater. Thinking about adding a patio? Use permeable pavers. Learn more

  • Non-residential​/​Commercial

    Are you a business owner? You can reduce stormwater runoff by replacing impervious surfaces like asphalt parking lots and cement sidewalks with permeable pavement, installing rain gardens or a green roof to help absorb and filter runoff, and using rain barrels. Learn more

  • Non-profit

    As a non-profit organization, you can participate in Howard County’s unique partnership program, which provides credits and grants to non-profit property owners to assist in the cost of implementing stormwater management practices. Learn more

  • Agricultural

    If you own an agriculturally assessed parcel, you can reduce stormwater runoff and be a part of the solution by adopting a soil conservation and water quality plan or a woodland management plan. Learn more