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February 6, 2018
Julie Costantino
All Around the Nation

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not all Heroes Wear Capes Members of the Office of Community Sustainability had the opportunity to meet and hear from a 4th grade all-girls robotics team, Hydro Heroes, from Howard County, MD. The team participates in the FIRST Lego League (FLL), which presents a challenge each year for teams to solve. This year’s theme is HydroDynamics, and the challenge is to improve the way people find,... Read more
November 1, 2017
Montgomery County DEP
Best Management Practices

Preparing Your Rain Garden for Winter

Check out this article from our neighbors to the south on how to get your rain garden ready for winter! A guide to tucking in your rain garden for winter
July 22, 2015
Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy
How You Can Help

7 Things I Can Do To Improve Water Quality

Check out this article to learn about simple ways that you can help protect our local water!   1. Slow The Flow-Redirect rain-spouts away from hard surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks) and onto grassy areas whenever possible. This reduces the amount of runoff from roof tops from entering the storm drain system and helps the water to slowly sink into the ground. Install a CleanScape to stop... Read more
May 5, 2015
Rachel B.

Water, Water Everywhere

A cou­ple of week­ends ago, my room­mates and I had the plea­sure of a burst pipe in our base­ment. Of course, we ran around like chick­ens with our heads cut off try­ing to find some­body who knew where the water shut-off valve was.  But nobody seemed to know until one heroic neigh­bor stepped in. We spent the rest of that Sat­ur­day clean­ing up 3–4 inches of frigid water after los­ing feel­ing... Read more
December 19, 2014
Rachel Beebe
How You Can Help

When it Rains, it Pours

2014 has been a watershed year for stormwater efforts in Howard County. The Howard County Office of Environmental Sustainability has rolled out some innovative ways that you can help to protect our local water. First there is the stream mAPPer, a free smart phone app that tracks the health of your neighborhood stream or river. The stream mAPPer helps you get to know your neighborhood stream’s... Read more